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Customise Your Furniture

When we say we provide comfortable seating, we don’t only mean a comfy and cozy seat but also everything that is required to make it truly luxurious experience. We customise our recliner chairs as per your wish with specialised accessories, unmatched upgrading options and a variety of price points. You can become the designer of your recliner by picking your choice of fabric, arm style, finish and more. Customise your Furniture and feel your Furniture because it is meant for you.

If you can Imagine it? We can Make it!

Personalize your own recliner and add a world of accessories to it with choices galore

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Here’s the options you can choose for your Furniture


Choose Upholstery

Dress up your recliner in your choice of upholstery. We have over 100s of options, including leather, fabric and Leatherette. Pick your choice and indulge in luxury everytime you sit in the recliner chair.


Wireless Charger

  • With our wireless charger installed in your recliner chair, you won’t have to get up to get your phone charged at all. You don’t even have to worry about finding the correct outlet. How more convenient could phone charging get!


Head Rest

Get Adjustable Headrest support in your custom made furniture.How more convenient can it get!

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Cup Holder

No more spilling your drink because of lack of appropriate space to keep it. We can add the cup holder to your recliner chair. We offer a variety of cup holder choices along with different finishes



  • Make each inch count with our several storage options. The various storage choices make the optimum use of space without compromising the luxury factor.



Your luxury is just a switch away when you are seated on one of our recliners. You can also choose from the many options of designer switches available with us to match your style.


USB ports

Connect your digital device to the USB port whilst using and you do not need to worry about its charging. This means you don’t have to miss a single moment of luxury of your recliner chair.


Pick your fit

Size matters! We can customise the size of your favourite recliner as per the space available. All you have to do is give us a call and we will make a recliner chair to match your requirement

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